First-Gen Champions


The term first-generation refers to students who are the first in their families to attend college. 

November 8th was selected as the data for the annual National First-Generation College Celebration to honor the anniversary of the signing of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

Why Green?

We wear green to highlight growth, opportunity, and Go! 

Champions Awards

In celebration of National First-Generation College Student Day on November 8th each year, the MFOS office selects individuals and departments who have gone above and beyond in their support of first-generation student success! These award winners have dedicated their time and efforts to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for first-generation students to thrive and excel at the University of Florida! 


2022 Award Winners

Jess Mercier

UF International Center

Dr. TehQuin Forbes

UF Honors Program

UF Salesforce Development Team


Career Connections Center


2021 Award Winners

Alexandrea Glenn

Assistant University Librarian
Alexandrea Glenn posing with Dr. Leslie Pendleton and Dr. D'Andra Mull

Dr. Cecilia "CC" Suarez

Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication
Dr. Suarez posing with Dr. Pendleton and Dr. Mull

Samuel Proctor Oral History Program

Samuel Proctor Oral History Program staff posing for photo

UF Bookstore

Bob Blake from the UF Bookstore posing with Dr. Pendleton and Dr. Mull

2020 Award Winners

Karley Counts

Associate Director, Reitz Union
Karley Counts

Dr. Yulia Levites Strekalova

Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Services Research, Management & Policy

Dr. Yulia Levites Strekalova

UF College of Law


UF College of Medicine

College of Medicine staff receiving award

Student Financial Affairs

Student Financial Affairs staff

2019 Award Winners

Dr. Beverly Dede

Program Director & Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Dede accepting award

Brittany Hoover

Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Brittany Hoover accepting award

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies


UF Libraries