Peer Mentor Program Roles

Leadership Team (LT) Mentor

Group photo of leadership team mentors
Leadership Team Mentors serve as liaisons between Peer Mentors and the MFOS staff. They are the primary support system and point of contact for Peer Mentors, and are responsible for overseeing a peer mentor family. LTs are assigned a maximum of 7 mentors and serve a year long commitment.


Melanie Schepmans
My favorite part about being an LT is working behind the scenes to ensure MFOS is always benefitting scholars with fun events and professional development opportunities. Other scholars should apply to become an LT if they want to take their leadership and creativity to the next level while playing a larger role in an amazing program!
Emile Karam
My absolute favorite aspect of being a LT mentor is the incredible opportunity to collaborate and plan events alongside fellow members, creating engaging experiences for everyone in the MFOS family. These efforts allow us to go beyond the traditional mentorship dynamic, and foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among all MFOS scholars. I find immense joy and fulfillment as we work together to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment while creating lasting memories.

Peer Mentor

group of three peer mentors posing for photo
Peer Mentors serve as the primary support system for first-year students in the MFOS program and support their mentees’ academic, personal, and professional development. Peer Mentors are assigned a maximum of 5 mentees and serve a year-long commitment.


photo of Prisca holding a cat
Prisca Suprisse

My favorite part about being a peer mentor is having the responsibility of being a leader for my mentees. I remember how it felt to come to college and not have anyone to guide me. When MFOS partnered me with my peer mentor freshmen year, I felt so relieved. I did not only go to her for school-related stuff but for personal reasons. My favorite part is knowing that my mentees can come to me about anything, and I can answer them because I have been through similar experiences. I also get to learn new things from them as well. Since these mentees are your mentees for the whole year, you build bonds with them that are genuine.

Jan Gonzalez

If you’re seeking to develop your problem-solving skills or personally develop by becoming more open-minded and communicative then the MFOS peer mentor program is for you. This role has helped me develop many of the soft skills that employers look for nowadays. From being able to answer complicated questions to giving back to the scholarship who has helped many students like me, being a peer mentor has been one of the most fulfilling and exciting opportunities I have done.

Returning Peer Mentor

If this was a fulfilling experience and you enjoyed being a mentor, then please join us for another great year together!