Current Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars are incredibly grateful of the opportunity to be a Gator. MFOS alumni also attribute much of their success to the support MFOS gave them during their time here.



Here are 10 ways you can give back to MFOS today.


  1. Tweet a message to @FOSatUF and use the #thxMFOS hashtag. Tell us what MFOS means to you, your family, your community, or your future.
  2. Visit your high school while you’re home during a break and talk about MFOS and about your experience at UF.
  3. Apply to be a peer mentor for new MFOS students. Applications are out every February. Click here to learn more.
  4. Share your successes with us. Whether you’ve landed a fabulous internship, had a presentation proposal selected for a national conference, won an outstanding award, or cured cancer, tell us about it so we can tell others!
  5. Share an opportunity with other students that you have benefited from. This can be an internship, scholarship, research, or award.
  6. Proudly wear your MFOS t-shirt on campus and your MFOS alumni pin at graduation!
  7. When you’re a UF Alum, join your local Gator Club and talk with other alumni about what the MFOS program means to you (side note: many Gator Clubs contribute to MFOS!).
  8. Alumni – join our LinkedIN group and keep your profile updated. Current scholars are also in the group and they may contact you for job advice.
  9. Give a dollar (or $10, or $100) to MFOS today. We only encourage alumni to financially support the program. Current scholars – save your money so you can give later!
  10. This should probably be #1 but — Do well in your classes and graduate in four years. MFOS is successful because YOU are successful. Help contribute to that success by making school your #1 priority.