Checklist to be Reviewed for MFOS Scholarship

In order to be reviewed for the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarship, students must meet these minimum eligibility requirements:


  • First-time-in-college freshman at UF who have been admitted to UF by March 15 (transfer students are not eligible).
  • First-generation college student as defined by neither parent having a bachelor’s degree (if parent has a bachelor’s degree from another country, student is ineligible).
  • Florida resident
  • U.S Citizen or permanent resident
  • Graduated from a Florida High School within the last three years and during that time was not enrolled as a degree-seeking student in another institution.
  • Total parents’ income equal to or less than $55,000
  • Total parents’ assets as reported on the FAFSA less than $35,000
  • Applied for aid by completing an error-free FAFSA


When the office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships identifies potential MFOS scholar applicants, students must meet all eligibility requirements at that time. Students who meet these criteria are invited to complete a MFOS certification. Each year the number of students who fit the initial criteria for MFOS eligibility outnumbers the number of available awards we can make. If you have questions regarding your financial aid status you may contact the office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at 352-392-1275.