Expectations of an MFOS Mentor

Each Scholar is assigned a mentor who will work with a group of approximately 6 scholars. Regular meetings, sharing common interests, attending relevant events on campus, and other learning opportunities are expected activities. The mentor assists the scholar in learning more about UF, becoming exposed to new opportunities, reflecting on their progress to date and assessing their plans to move forward with new ideas, information and directions. All MFOS students are required to participate in the mentoring program; you will be responsible for monitoring their involvement and investment in the mentoring relationship.

Throughout the mentor/scholar relationship, the focus is on the student in a learner centered environment to assist with connections to the University and to provide a personal contact for the scholar. Talented students have differing needs depending on their own level of development, their aspirations, and their unique talents and skills. Effective mentoring relationships should promote the pursuit of strong scholarship, involvement, service, and enhanced interpersonal relationships that may last throughout the scholar’s years at UF.



  1. Be enrolled as a full-time student and maintain at least a 2.75 grade point average.
  2. Attend the MANDATORY Mentor Training Retreat (date TBD). 
  3. Attend the MFOS Orientation in either July (summer B mentors), August (fall mentors) or January (IA mentors) and the Reception at the President’s House during the fall semester (specific details TBA).
  4. Keep in contact with your assigned Leadership Team (LT) member. (They are now considered your mentor.) They are your point of contact. First email them with any questions, comments or concerns. They will reach out if they are unable or unsure on how to help you. (Following this process assures you a quicker response). Throughout the year, you will have to turn in a  monthly “Check-In” report to your assigned LT member on Canvas, detailing how your mentees are doing.
  5. Keep in contact with your mentees weekly,  whether it’s by email, text, phone, webcam or in person one-on-ones! If something is wrong with your mentee let the MFOS staff know as soon as possible. We prefer you tell us and it be nothing than it getting overlooked when it’s something major.
  6. Attend monthly meetings with the program advisors.
  7. Plan and organize 4 programming events (2 per semester) with your scholars following the provided programming model. These programs should focus in the four areas of 1) Global/Cultural/Diversity, 2) Service/Involvement, 3) Academic/Career Planning and 4) Personal Wellness. All programs must be completed by April (summer/fall mentors) or December (IA mentors). At the event, take a picture with your mentees. You will have a separate assignment on Canvas to submit these.  Include a 4-5 sentence paragraph as to what you did, why, how many mentees attended and how it went! We understand that not all mentees will be able to attend everything you do, just try to do your best to find the best day/time that works with the most people. You will receive credit for your attempt to do a group hangout. 
  8. Communicate through emails with the program advisors and also your scholars. We require that you have regular correspondence with your scholars as a means of “checking in” with your students.


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